Rosacea is like acne in that it is an incurable and chronic inflammatory skin condition. 

It can be mild, and look like light blushing of the skin that becomes more and less noticeable depending on topical irritation to the skin.

  • cold or hot temperatures, irritation from topical products/ingredients, friction from cleansing or clothing or the environment (sun/wind).

Or…. Rosacea can become more or less noticeable deepening on systemic irritation within the body. 

  • Eating foods that increase dilation: hot/spicy, caffeine.

  • Drinking alcohol that dehydrates and makes the kidneys work harder.

  • Eating foods that knowingly or unknowingly induce inflammation (many of us have food intolerances that are subtle, but when eliminated can make a big difference in how our skin looks and fee.

  • Stress, certain medications, smoking.

Examples of Rosacea, ranging mild to severe

Examples of Rosacea, ranging mild to severe


All of these together or in combination can influence inflammation that can be seen on Rosacea skin types.  For clients who strongly desire to change the way their skin look, they will have to address all of the above irritants. Skincare changes are often a significant part of calming and clearing Rosacea…but skincare alone will not be enough.