Hyperpigmentation & Acne Scars

Not only is it frustrating to have active acne in the form of spots, redness and pustules, these lesions can leave their mark in the form of scars and hyperpigmentation.

Skin damage caused by acne, scars skin tissue. These scars never completely disappear, even if treated well, but the sooner it is treated, the better. Untreated acne often leads to hyperpigmentation and can cause scarring.

Interestingly enough, persistent chronic acne can be treated and eliminated without harsh prescriptions (retinoids, isotretinoins, antibiotics), lasers, abrasive chemical peels, microdermabrasions, or an unending search for the next miracle-in-a-bottle.

There is a difference between scarring and hyperpigmentation…

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Acne Hyperpigmentation

This is NOT “scarring”, it is hyperpigmentation or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation can be changed with the proper skin care products, acne facials and time.


Sundamage Pigmentation

Sun exposure can cause both hyperpigmentation (dark spots) and hypopigmentation (light spots). Proper skin care products, facials and collagen inductive therapies are required.




Marks on the skin that are pitted or depressed. They are texture changes in the skin. They require proper skin care products, acne facials, time and collagen inductive therapies.

We provide in office collegen therapies once clients skin is well managed with the ability to keep the skin clear. We also refer our client to other needed services.

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