Our Acne Facial

Acne facials are an important step in the process of getting clear. For the best and fasted results, facials should be done about every 3 weeks. This will help your skin from adapting to products, prevent build up, allow your skin to heal and change your skins HISTORY.

At The Acne Lab we have the ability to use stronger, active products that can only be used by our Skin Specialists. This gives your skin a booster over your daily routine, and helps prevent your skin adapting. Believe it or not, doing your own extractions can do more harm than good. We will do SAFE extractions, that will not cause harm to your skin.

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Our Acne facials are customized to your skin, at that time. Your skin will constantly change throughout the process. It is crucial that we address things as they are happing.

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What to expect when when you come in for one of our Acne facials…

1. First we will cleanse and tone your skin.

2. Next we take pictures of your skin so we can track your progress.

3. Strategize skin needs for the best outcome of the appointment and for the next 3 weeks.

4. We would now access whether your skin needs exfoliation or hydration. This determines the type of serum we would use.

5. Extractions would be done if needed.

6. Apply stimulating/calming products for the best results.

7. SPF…..A MUST!!

8. Post care info and discuss your home care routine until our next appointment.