I Am So Thankful!


I would love to tell you my story with The Acne Lab. About four years ago my mom and I were at a loss for what to do with my acne. It had gotten to the point that I was not confident and it was affecting my self-esteem. My skin kept progressively getting worse no matter what I tried. I tried many products from Ulta, Target, and Retinol from the dermatologist; nothing worked. I went to our dermatologist again and he recommended I try Accutane. My mom and I did not think Accutane was a good fit for me. My mom was talking to a friend of ours about it a couple times and within a few weeks she referred us to The Acne Lab. At my first appointment Corrine had me bring in every product I had been using on my skin. She told me everything in each product that was making my acne and skin worse. I threw everything away and started on the products and regimen Corrine developed for my skin and my acne. I went back a few times for a peel, serum testing, and for my makeup. For the first few weeks my nightly routine took almost 45 minutes. I made sure I had my homework done to spend time taking care of my skin. I was not allowed to wear makeup for several weeks so my skin had time to breathe. Within a few weeks of being very strict with my routine my skin started to get better. I signed a sunscreen contract and promised to use it everyday regardless of the weather or where I was and I have kept my promise. My brother and sister are two years younger than me. They started a simpler routine at the same time and never acquired acne like mine. They both have had minimal breakouts and have avoided the experience of losing confidence and self-esteem. I am so thankful Kelly Paull referred me to The Acne Lab and so is our entire family. Today, I am four years out from my first treatment and beyond happy with how the treatments and these products have helped not only my skin but also my confidence and self-esteem. Here is a picture from this past weekend at my sorority initiation as well of how clear my skin is with these products and no makeup on!!

Thanks for letting me share my story!
Maddie Stones