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Acne does not discriminate! It affects people of all different ages, skin color, and gender. We have the knowledge and tools to help manage and prevent acne.

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How it all begins…..

It begins with a 30-minute appointment called Acne 101.  One of our Skin Specialists will spend time with you reviewing a questionnaire that is filled out before the appointment. We then evaluate our client’s skin to determine the type of acne, the severity of acne, along with assessing dryness, potential sensitivities, or other imbalances in the skin. 

Next, we review the big picture of what is often required to get skin clear which includes an explanation of how acne works, the obstacles that have to be overcome to get skin clear, and a review of the most successful strategies and timeline to get the best results.


At this point, we give each client a full sized cleanser, toner, daily moisturizer, and evening moisturizer customized to their particular needs (setting up the proper toolbox of skincare products) and direct them to use these products consistently over a 3 week period (setting up a proper process of skincare habits).  This first appointment with products (which will last for 2.5-3 months with proper use) is $125.

We would also schedule the Step 2 Consultation which we encourage within 3 week of Acne 101.  Here is where the process becomes specifically customized to each unique client’s needs related to their particular type of acne, the severity of their acne, their skin’s particular sensitivities.  This appointment reviews the client’s history with skincare and prescriptions, allergies, lifestyle & habits. We give an acne facial at this appointment. This helps us to learn more about how each client’s skin will likely respond to additional home care strategies, and we give another layer of information that each client needs to be successful. They will also receive their next level of product, which introduces the use of active acne meds for their skin type. Step 3 is the same appointment as Step 2, with the exception of the product. During Step 3 we do a serum test which allows the Skin Specialist to provide the proper next level of product. These appointments are both about an hour and are $125.00 each.


Steps 4 is $100 and comes with an acne facial, education, and directions for home-care strategies, but at this point, each client will begin to purchase the few product changes ($15 - $110) on their own as it becomes a more specialized process that is unique for each client and we can no longer predict what those steps will need in regard to home care changes.

From this point there are often 2-5 more appointments that are scheduled 3 weeks apart (depending on clients needs). These services may include an Acne Facial, a Body Treatment or an Acne Check-In. Some clients will need more. A few find they needed less, but nearly all clients will need a total of 7 appointments to “graduate” with clear skin.

This process is very successful for our clients and their families, in that we impart a lot of knowledge and experience that can be applied beyond their time with us.

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