Custom Blend Makeup


Officially the ONLY safe makeup for acne-prone skin is a “pure loose mineral”.  Pure loose minerals can offer exceptional coverage when the right colors and the right techniques are applied.

No makeup is “helpful” for acne, but it is VERY important to only use safe makeup if the goal is to achieve and maintain clear skin.  Makeup is a big influence on whether skin can get clear or not. Even if all the right skincare products are being used and even if there’s a great skincare routine with those great products, it is nearly impossible to get the results of clear skin if makeup isn’t perfectly “safe” from irritating ingredients. CLICK HERE to see a list of pore cloggers.


The VERY best pure loose mineral makeup is when the color has been custom blended to be the exact match for each clients unique skin color and tones. Custom blending is so much more than just matching the color of the makeup to the color/tone of skin. It can also be tailored to be the exact match for each client’s needs and wants.

  • Varying the range of matte - “dewey”.

  • Varying the range of concealment to be sheer - concentrated.

  • Often allows for one color to be used for concealment, correction, and the final finish without needing any additional products.

There are many options to find/buy this type of makeup but it is important to know what you are looking for. A pure loose mineral has 3-6 ingredients and they are each a mineral. No fillers, dyes, or preservatives. A pure loose mineral product doesn’t harbor bacteria so it doesn’t need additional preservatives.

Mica - Also known as muscovite.  Almost colorless, mica is a silicate mineral that has a layered structure made up of thin layers or flakes.  Mica is used in cosmetics for its ability to add luster, shimmer and sparkle. 

Zinc Oxide - Provides a silky smooth texture and offers good coverage in our formulas.  Zinc is also known for its non-irritating effects on the skin. 

Titanium Dioxide - An opaque, pure white pigment extracted from titanium-bearing ores.  Titanium helps to provide excellent coverage in cosmetics and also refracts light away from the skin helping to hide minor skin imperfections. 

Iron Oxides - In-organic colored pigments created from natural metals that have been oxidized by salts and water.  These pigments are extracted from the earth and go through a refining process in order to be safe for use in cosmetics. 

Our Makeup Services

Custom Blend Makeup
Come in and let us custom blend your perfect match! We want you to LOVE it and will work hard to make that happen!! We can custom blend foundation, concealer, highlighter, bronzer and blush. Once you have been in for a custom blend appointment, you can re-order through our online store. We keep your formulation on file! Most appointments are 45 minutes.
Foundation - $55
Concealer - $30/$55
Highlighter - $30/$55
Bronzer - $30/$55
Blush - $30/$55

Makeup Adjustment/Reformulation
Don’t absolutely love it? Come in and we can adjust your formula.

Color Match
We also have loose minerals ready to purchase. Come in and get color matched with a pre-mixed color. Product is included in price. Available in a foundation or concealer.
$50 - 20min

Makeup Tutorial
Want some tips from the trade? We can show you how to apply makeup so you can DIY!
$25 - 20min

Need a refresh to your makeup stash? We have other makeup offerings! Visit our office or online store to browse our collection.

*Please note - prices and services are subject to change without prior notice. Appointment times are approximate.


Ready for the Hallelujah moment? Our custom blend makeup is amazing! There is nothing like it. Take your skin care to the next level!

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