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Skin-care clinic set to open in Lafayette

The Acne Lab at 101 1/2 E. Chester St. is scheduled to open Sept. 22. It will offer treatments accompanied by products and education.
“Millions of teenagers and adults struggle with persistent acne, but just 10 percent seek professional care,” said Kingery, operator and founder of the new business. “Some may be too embarrassed to visit a clinic. Some may think their problems are not that serious. Some may have tried professional help and been disappointed. I’ve been there myself, and I can help.”

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Lafayette's Acne Lab to help clients put their best face forward
Old Town business set to debut Sept. 21

It's not always easy putting your best face forward, but one Lafayette woman is doing what she can to help others do just that, and hopefully debunking some of the myths surrounding acne in the process.

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A kinder treatment for acne, whatever your age

My husband and I are taking this hippie thing a bit too far, and it really stinks.

For his Big Huge Oh My Gosh 30th birthday party (me = cougar), I'm transforming our home into 1970, complete with macrame plant holders, a bean bag-chair takeover, hookahs, black lights, lava lamps, more fondu than the Melting Pot’s mom, and oh-so-much hair.

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